Acqualina Resort & Spa


The tans have faded from our stay at Aqualina Resort & Spa; however, the memories we have from the resort will stay with us forever. Every individual we encountered at the resort genuinely cared about our experience.

This honest & humble desire to please is an innate trait, impossible to learn no matter how long one works in the hospitality industry yet every staff member we encountered possessed it. Upon our arrival we were greeted by Alaina with complimentary drinks.

We arrived earlier than anticipated, but since we were finally out of the cold we both desperately wanted to enjoy the sunshine. The General Manager, Christof Pignet, came over introduced himself, made us feel welcome, then proceeded to make quick, thoughtful accommodations so we could enjoy the sunshine.

Throughout the duration of our stay we found the resort to be elegant, comfortable, clean and welcoming. Every day we were offered a wide variety of fun experiences. Fredrik Maze and Julia, at the Concierge Desk, took great care of us offering phenomenal suggestions, guidance and further accommodations.


By the end of our stay we found ourselves referring to the resort as home. Even the night security guard, Crystal made a point to welcome us. She truly took the time to get to know us and make us feel safe.

Each member of the staff made us feel like family and welcomed us with friendship. All of the relationships we made took our stay to the next level.

Thank you Acqualina Resort & Spa!

Congratulations on being named the best resort in the United States!