How To Jumpstart Your 90's Travel Trivia Knowledge


In the 1990s, people liked to travel. Travel and wanderlust isn't a new idea, though it's much easier to travel these days and the world is certainly a smaller place because of it. People have always been intrigued with the idea of learning what other places are like, and what other cultures are like. This is especially true when other people, such as celebrities, made various world destinations seem like a dream.

After the Berlin wall was torn down, the Eastern Bloc seemed to be a place where people now dared to venture. Along with places like China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, Russia seemed to be a desired destination. Moscow, Russia was at the top of many peoples' lists, and lines to seen Lenin's tomb were growing exponentially. 

Away from the east, South Africa became a tourist spot thanks to Nelson Mandela's election as prime minister. Many people desired to go on safari there. The Singita Game Reserve popped up at the end of 1996, spurring a new era of over-the-top luxury lodges. Spain boasted the opening of the Muesuo Guggenheim Bilbao in Abando, one of the largest museums in Spain.

Closer to home, the Art Deco district of South Beach became a booming spot, and all of a sudden Miami was a huge place to hang out. Will Smith even sang about it in his 1998 smash hit 'Miami,' on his debut solo album. Los Angeles, too, became quite a popular spot, thanks to the building of the the Getty Center. This huge art museum was built and opened in 1997.

So, if you fancy yourself a jaunt somewhere that might take you back to the 1990s, take a look at one of the places listed above and don't forget to research the various different iconic areas in each country or city.