Four Unbelievable “Acqua” Experiences



Espa Spa is an indulgent treat for the senses. The spa is set against the beautiful and tranquil  Miami Shoreline. Kate and I both booked the destress journey, which was more of a once in a lifetime experience than another spa visit. The moment we arrived we were greeted with tea, eucalyptus cloths and himalayan salt stones. We started our relaxation journey by sipping on tea and munching on lavender and thyme cookies while we waited for our individual specialists. The whole experience was phenomenal. My specialist started with a footbath and personal aromatherapy. The journey also involved a deep exfoliation, massage and crystal healing. It was luxurious, decadent and a true joy to be able to relax so deeply.

Photo by @rollofilm

Photo by @rollofilm


Kate and I decided it would be fun to do a photoshoot to document our trip. Our photographer, Rolo, was not only an amazingly skilled and personable photographer, but super knowledgeable about the area. He offered to take us to some truly unique locations in order to give us the best possible pictures of our trip. We went to Coral Gables, in front of the Biltmore,  where the deciduous, ancient trees grew like majestic giants. We also went to the William M Powell Bridge in Key Biscayne. The stunning views of the waterfront city made this spot one of my favorites. He was very patient, willing to teach us how to move in front of the camera. As a result the photo shoot was not only great documentation of our trip, but a truly fun experience.  



Captain Matt from The Charter Agency must have been a comedian in his former life because he had us laughing hysterically from the moment we stepped on the boat. We kept our cameras close hoping to get a glimpse of dolphins.

While we might not have seen dolphins, we did see some rather unique wildlife. Capt’ gave us a tour of the whole city by boat then took us to an island.


I attempted to paddle board, which resulted in a rather funny rescue attempt by Kate. I bailed on the board, finding it much easier to swim thanks to years of swim team. We arrived at Beer Can Island.

It was definitely one of the strangest parts of the trip for us especially because these little guys happened to drop by and say hi.

(pictured to the right)



This hair salon is the best I have ever been to, including top notch salons on Newbury Street in Boston. Gina, my extension stylist, was super friendly, offering great suggestions on things to do in Miami while giving me the best hair day of my life. Gina and Gilles Uzan are the inventors of the flat tape method and have styled celebrities such as Pamela Anderson. They were super focused, attentive to details, and gave some of the best customer service I have had in my life. By the end of my first hair appointment I considered them close friends. They offered to style my hair while I was at the salon and made me feel like a princess. They often come into Boston to help clients with upkeep, which shows how deeply they care about their clients and work. These two are an amazing team. Kate got a blowout and style from Nada and also had one of the best hair days of her life. We both left the salon glowing and would recommend it to anyone in the area or traveling through.

Photo by @rollofilm

Photo by @rollofilm

Photo by @rollofilm

Photo by @rollofilm