The Subtle Art Of A Day Away


Mirbeau spa, just the name elicits feelings of leisure and elegance. If I could choose one word to describe my visit it would be spectacular!  As I walked towards the entrance I knew my concerns would be left at the ornate threshold. The Inn was reminiscent of a gorgeous home and the service only added to the comfort and ease of relaxation in such a lush environment.  

The walk to the room was enthralling; long elegant hallways, chandeliers and spiral staircases- it had it all. As expected our room was absolutely breathtaking in its elegance. The room was pristine and well decorated. In the room a few pieces stood out to me. These pieces included: a beautiful cherry wood armoire, a warm fireplace and an elegant claw tub. Our room service staff was impeccable, which only added to the superb room.

After all the amazement, Ellen and I headed to the spa. The attention to detail was what really pushed our stay from great to unparalleled. The lobby had everything you need to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

I was very excited for my deep tissue massage. We were led to a lovely waiting area with a little pool to dip our feet and while we waited. The room had an amazing mural on the ceiling of the sky with dim lights lantern scattered throughout to give the appearance of the cosmos. It created a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere.

My masseuse did a fabulous job of making sure that I felt at ease! I felt rejuvenated after my hour session. Ellen had a honey and wine wrap, which she said was a pleasure for all the senses. She highly recommends this service to anyone thinking of vacationing at the spa.



Bistro & Wine Bar at Mirbeau

The Bistro Bar was a rustic, elegant stop after a delightful spa visit. The Bistro & Wine Bar offers a French Bistro inspired menu infused with New England flavors. The bartender was very conversational, willingly offering information about local places and did not hesitate to accommodate our every need.

The food was absolutely extravagant and cooked to perfection. As a starter we split the warm mushroom salad served with roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, goat cheese and a decadent fried egg. The steak frites was a grilled flat iron cooked to temperature and the hand-cut truffle fries were seasoned so that each bite melted in your mouth.

The wine bar is truly what sets this place apart. The bar has per ounce offerings of some of the finest wines in the world. This allows you the opportunity to taste some of the finest and most expensive wines at your leisure. I am personally a fan of great white wines. I recommend the Chardonnay if you are in town.


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