Want to be a superhero? Now you can!

Betty & Veronica Comic Book Series

Betty & Veronica Comic Book Series

Every superhero needs a sidekick. I am not your sidekick!

I’m the business director, lukewarm coffee in hand, delegating tasks after spending the night bribing a screaming toddler to sleep. The overworked, single mom in charge of several businesses juggling sleep, sanity and a “social life?”

Yeah, that’s me.

When I was younger I was akin to Lois Lane, convinced I needed a hero to save my headlines and me. The catch- one day I woke up and realized nobody’s coming to save me. I must save myself, be my own superhero.

Create my own success.

Now, while this idea sounds terrific, the execution is a completely different story. Similar to all superheroes, there is a steep learning curve- lots of training, financial and social sacrifices, middle of the night work emergencies and an absolutely psychotic balancing act capable of rivaling any hidden identity antics.

We all strive for success whether it is personal, financial or social.

Welcome to Not Your Sidekick, we mix up modern cocktails, search for adventure in our everyday lives, and add in a bit of nerdy talk to keep things fun.